Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys

Margosa to commence high resolution Airborne Electromagnetic Survey in the search of the next generation Graphite deposits in Sri Lanka.

Australia based Margosa Graphite Ltd (Margosa), together with Lankan Resources and Mining (Pvt) Ltd (LRM) announced that it would commence an extensive high resolution Helicopter-Borne Time Domain Electromagnetic Survey (HTDEM) to accelerate its exploration search for new vein graphite deposits in Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka?

As far as graphite is concerned, there are few better addresses in the world.

Sri Lankan graphite, which is defined as lump or vein graphite, is unique in its purity and particle size, and offers superior performance in many industrial applications. For these reasons, it commands a premium price. Graphite mining in Sri Lanka can be traced back to the 1840s and at one stage the country accounted for more than a third of global production.

Many of the historic workings in Sri Lanka’s south-west, where the activity was focused, still contain significant mineralisation and much of the ground has not been explored using modern techniques. Importantly for the rebirth of graphite mining in Sri Lanka, stability has returned to the country since the end of the civil war in 2009 and the economy has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the world as reconstruction and development efforts intensify.

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