Dehiowita Project

The Dehiowita site lies in a past tectonically active zone, and is a high prospect to hold unmined graphite.

Dehiowita lies in two parts close to the township of Avissawella and straddles the Western & Sabaragamuwa provinces of Sri Lanka. Shear zones several tens of kilometres long traverse the project areas, orientated in a N-S or NNW-SSE direction. It is a confluence of these regional shear zones which suggests that in the past it has been a key structural domain and tectonically active zone.

Margosa proposes to fly Dehiowita as part of its 2017 airborne EM survey program in order to determine which sites of past mining still hold significant bodies of graphite mineralisation.

Field reconnaissance by Margosa has located numerous sites of past graphite mining at Dehiowita. Many workings show evidence of mechanised operation including winches and rail carts.

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