Aluketiya Project

Aluketiya is located in the Kalutara district. The Aluketiya area is considered to be one of the richest areas for graphite and has provided high-grade graphite for decades.

Historically the Aluketiya area was one of the richest graphite producing sites in Sri Lanka, with many recorded graphite occurrences within Margosa’s licence (see picture below). A 2008 Sri Lankan Geological Survey and Mines Bureau report (Herath and Meewakkala) noted that “the graphite veins encountered in the Meehahatenna area continue for long distances unlike the veins at Bogala and Kahatagaha that tend to pinch and swell”. It also stated that the purity of the graphite was very high. For this reason Margosa considers Aluketiya a Tier 1 exploration project.


In September 2016 Margosa completed a FLEM survey at the Meehahatenna area north of the old Aluketiya mine and located a new EM conductor and graphite body.

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