Yattawatura Project

The Yattawatura site hosts some favourable geological phenomenon, thus making it an interesting project on the horizon.

Set in two separate blocks the Yattawatura area is located about 40km east of Colombo, between the Dehiowita and Dumbara Projects. The project area was selected by Margosa geologists on the basis of its very favourable structural setting with numerous tightly folded host rocks, multiple regional shear zones and cross-structures.

Government mapping shows evidence of graphite mining in the northern licence area and Margosa field visits confirmed three locations where historical mining took place. Numerous shafts and adits with associated infrastructure such as winch bases have been located within the project areas.

The licence is considered to be a Tier 2 exploration target. Margosa will continue ground reconnaissance during 2017 and proposes to fly the licence with airborne EM in early 2018.

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